Coconut Mango Icy Poles Made Easy

News| 2nd December 2019
Coconut Mango Icy Poles Made Easy
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Homemade icy poles are much, much cheaper than store bought options (and produce less waste). Best of all, they are so easy to make! Leftover fruit smoothie mix makes great icy poles. The blended fruit retains fibre that gives you a more nutritious icy pole than those made with fruit juice. Super sweet fruits like mango, peaches and pineapple make them taste like a treat, without adding any additional sugar.

Nothing says summer holidays quite like a coconut and mango icy pole. This tropical flavour is sweet enough to satisfy your ice-cream cravings and easier to make than a trip to the shops. The addition of yoghurt gives a great nutritious boost and makes them beautifully creamy.

Coconut Mango Icy Poles

Makes 6 icy poles


1 cup coconut flavoured yoghurt*
¼ cup mango chunks, fresh or defrosted if frozen
2 tablespoons frozen raspberries

_1. Puree mango using a stick mixer, small food processor or even a potato masher.

  1. Alternately spoon in yoghurt into the icy pole moulds with small dollops of mango puree and the occasional raspberry. Repeat until each mould is full.
    3. Top with the stick and freeze for 4 hours (or overnight) until completely frozen.
  • I prefer coconut flavoured dairy yoghurt (Siggis, Jalna or Chobani) in this recipe. They give a boost of calcium and protein and taste better than coconut yoghurt which doesn’t offer much nutrition. If you’re dairy-free I recommend Impressed vanilla almond milk yoghurt which has been fortified with calcium.

Sarah Moore (RNutr, MPH).

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