Get fitter faster with these 5 top tips

11 Feb 2020

Building fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult. Small changes, healthy swaps and daily exercise can realign your routine. Use these five tips to get fitter faster in 2020.

1. Exercise daily
It is easy to make excuses: I’m busy with work, it’s raining, I don’t have enough time. Try making your fitness commitment to shorter, daily workouts. A gym that is open 24/7, like Snap Fitness, can help quash any excuses. Whether you like to wake up at dawn, drop in at lunch or pump weights well after dark, Snap Fitness offers a safe and secure spot to squeeze in a daily workout. You can even swap Netflix on the couch for Netflix on the treadmill. #noexcuses

 2. Eat the right foods and portion each meal 
One look at the food triangle and you’ll see eating healthy isn’t rocket science. There’s no need for strict diets to take control over what’s on your plate. When you wander into Woolworths go with a game plan. Start by filling your trolley with fruit and vegetables. Yes, the berries are pricey but better to splurge here than in the chocolate aisle. Round out your basket with lean protein and grains, sticking to whole foods. Remember the two-and-five rule and portion your dinner plate with plenty of vegetables.

3. From snacks to sides: simple swaps make a big difference
Every person has weaknesses and maybe yours is a bowl of hot french fries. If you are keen to increase your fitness and curb your cravings, find ways to swap treats for healthy snacks and side. For example swap those french fries for a baked potato, swap chocolate for a fruit bar or dried fruit, swap potato chips for salted popcorn, swap fruit juice for the fruit itself (hello fibre!), swap a big milky coffee for a long black. 

4. Get more sleep
Are you getting enough sleep? Brisbane is a city of early risers but plenty of studies have linked poor sleep to weight gain and serious medical conditions like heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Not enough sleep interferes with your concentration and productivity too. The solution? Listen to your body and aim for seven to nine hours. Design a bedtime routine and set a reserve alarm (to tell you it’s time for bed) to make sleep a priority and habit.

5. Stay motivated with peers
Some days it feels impossible to find workout motivation. This is why setting fitness goals with a friend or building a community of like-minded people around you helps. Start going to the same group class at Snap Fitness and soon enough you’ll have class buddies. Likewise, a personal trainer will keep you on track and they can design gym workouts for when they aren’t with you. Snap Fitness also has an app with 2000+ exercises. Choose from preset workouts or design your own and stay motivated by tracking your workouts, weight and body metrics.