New Summer Menu at Coco Bliss

04 Dec 2018

Coco Bliss Buranda is adding some fresh new additions to match Brisbane's gorgeous Summer sun and sticky days and we’re giving some OG’s from way back when a little bit of a rest off the menu.
Think refreshing zesty flavours, gorgeous fleshy young coconut meat, luscious fresh juicy mango, icy cold watermelon frappe, and some new creations inspired their recent trip to Bali.

The Coco Bliss team really pride themselves on always staying ahead and working on being the best us.  The best Coco Bliss we can be and nothing else. Not only is the taste important, but so is the vitamin and mineral boost, and of course the appearance. 

Every mouthful of every product has nutrients in it. We mean every mouthful. All you have to do is look at the food and see the vibrant natural beauty and you see the vitamins and minerals.

Nothing processed, nothing refined, nothing that isn’t grown from the ground.

Head into Coco Bliss at Buranda Village today and try their delicious new Summer menu and see for yourself.