Oporto Bringing It Back

05 Nov 2018

Oporto has revealed it is bringing back two of its most popular creations ever – the Long Bondi and Pita Pocket – which are now available nation-wide!

As an addition to its iconic Bondi Burger range, the new Long Bondi was one of Antonio’s most popular creations when Oporto first opened in 1986, selling equal amounts as the Bondi Burger.

“The Pita Pocket was also one of the most successful menu items we have ever introduced at Oporto, and as part of our continued innovation to meet our customers’ needs, we are bringing it back with a slight twist.”


The Long Bondi is now available for $13.50 in a meal with Chips and 390ml Drink and the Pita Pocket will now be available in a $10 meal option with snack chips and 250ml Coke No Sugar.


The Long Bondi is two freshly grilled Chicken Fillets, lettuce, mayo, cheese and topped with Oporto’s Original Chilli sauce on a long sesame seed roll.

Pita pockets are two freshly grilled Chicken Tenders, crunchy coleslaw, cheese and your choice of Oporto’s tasty sauces in a Flame Grilled Pita bread.