Calling all Sushi Lovers!

30 Apr 2018

Whether it's a sushi train, traditional Bento box or Asian inspired feast you're seeking, Buranda Village has your Japanese cravings covered!

Shopping at Fuji Mart Brisbane

Fuji Mart, a popular Asian supermarket in the centre, has an avid following across Brisbane and stocks everything from fresh Asian veggies, seafood (including sashimi grade tuna and salmon), rice, noodles, baby food, confectionery and ingredients to make your favourite nabe and ramen, to stationery (Japanese exercise books, perfect for students learning Japanese), body care and even the tools you need to make your favourite Asian dishes at home. Think traditional bamboo steamers, woks, pottery including sake bottles, cups and tea pots, serving platters, utensils and more.

Fuji Mart's range of confectionery is so fun to browse. The flavours might remind you of home if you've lived in or travelled Asia, or explore fun flavours like Matcha flavoured Kit Kats, Pocky, Meiji Hello Panda biscuits and brightly coloured boxes of cookies and candy. Hello Kitty!

Take a walk down the condiments aisle for a huge range of authentic spices, seasonings and sauces like Kewpi mayonnaise, soya sauce, miso and soup stocks. Shop for beverages like Pocari Sweat (the infamous Japanese sports drink), Ocean Bomb (Pokemon sparkling water soda), non-alcoholic beer, fruit liquor and our favourite, sake!

Fuji Mart is a treasure trove of Asian-inspired cooking and lifestyle products. Ask the friendly staff at Fuji Mart Buranda Village for advice. For special offers, be sure to LIKE Fuji Mart on Facebook. 

Sushi on a roll at Sushi 1

If you're looking for a grab 'n' go option or aren't willing to tackle rolling that nori sheet at home, then pull up a stool at Sushi 1 and have your fill of sushi, Aburi, Nigiri, Inari, edamame and gyoza as it whizzes by on the train. Only the freshest seafood, meats, poultry and produce are prepared in the Sushi 1 kitchen, and the rice carefully seasoned and rolled using an automated system meaning you get the perfect roll every time. Plates are coloured according to their price, so you can easily keep an eye on your hip pocket while mastering the art of eating with chopsticks. Plates start from just $3.50 each.

For larger appetites, order from the a la carte menu with more filling options like miso soup, karaage udon, chicken katsu rice beef yakiudon or a plate of freshly sliced sashimi, perfect with a squeeze of lemon, wasabi and soy sauce. Cleanse your palate between dishes with complimentary pickled ginger.

Takeaway is also available so if you're on your lunch break or want to enjoy your meal in front of the TV, simply grab a plastic container and load up your pick from the train.


A Japanese banquet at Sunny Doll Sushi & Cuisine

Sunny Doll Sushi & Cuisine, located inside the centre, is a great dining option with friends or family. Sit at a table and order from the extensive list of freshly prepared cuisine including traditional and contemporary sushi, sashimi, takoyaki (deep fried octopus balls), miso soup, udon and ramen, rice dishes, yakitori and some more captivating offerings like flame-grilled eel nigari, surf clam sashimi and nasu dengaku (miso eggplant). Delicious!

Due to its extensive menu, Sunny Doll is also a great option for lunch if you work in the area, with something to suit every taste. You can enjoy a little piece and quiet out of the office with a freshly prepared meal that will leave you full all afternoon. The Bento boxes are great valued priced from $14 to $16.50 and each box includes miso soup, mini salad, two spring rolls or takoyaki and the main dish of your choice. Choose from grilled chicken, curry chicken, pork or beef belly, chicken karaage or deep-fried tofu.

But wait, there's more! Sunny Doll Sushi & Cuisine is also a tea bar serving up your favourite bubble tea to-go. Check out Sunny Doll Sushi & Cuisine's opening hours here

From sushi rolls on the run to traditional dishes to every ingredient you need to create your own Japanese masterpiece at home, Buranda Village has the goods.