For all the sweet tooths

16 Apr 2018

Hey sweet tooth! If you love a little sweet treat for breakfast, lunch, dinner or dessert (who says you have to eat your vegetables first?) without the guilt, pop by Buranda Village and visit Berryme and CocoBliss.


For years we heard about it in movies and TV shows, before the legends at Berryme yoghurt brought froyo to Brisbane. Berryme frozen yoghurt is a guilt-free dessert or sweet treat, combining creamy frozen yoghurt with an assortment of delicious toppings.

Berryme call their customers architects, because you can create your own frozen yoghurt creation with their amazing range of flavours and toppings. Never stepped foot into a Berryme store? It's easy to create your own magic: simply pick a cup, choose your flavours (yes, you can choose more than one), add your toppings, then weigh and pay.

Tantalise your tastebuds with your choice of 18 flavours including traditional ones like Classic Chocolate, Fresh Strawberry, Magic Mango and Original Plain Tart, or try some out-of-the-box flavours like Addictive Green Tea, Blue Acai, Lemon Curd, New York Cheesecake, Nudi Coconut, Tango Taro, Pretty Pomegranate and our favourite, Tropical Pina Colada!

Once you've selected your yoghurt flavour, choose from 26 toppings including standard ice cream toppings like fruits, nuts, confectionery, biscuits and chocolate, as well as more creative mixers like Mochi (sweet Japanese rice flour cakes), Popping Pearls and even cereals (Fruit Loops or WeetBix anyone?). Mix 18 flavours with 26 toppings for endless flavour combinations!

Berryme is proudly Australian owned and supports Aussie farmers by using only Australian dairy products and the freshest Australian-grown fruits.

Plus, check out the health benefits of Berryme Yoghurt:

  • One gram contains more than 2 million live probiotic bacteria*
  • All flavours are 97 - 99% fat free
  • High in calcium, antioxidants and vitamins
  • Protein rich
  • Immunity boosting
  • Contain no artificial colours

So whether you're a health conscious gym junkie, a dessert fanatic or looking for a fun family-friendly dessert option, Berryme Yoghurt at Buranda is the perfect treat any time of day. See Berryme Yoghurt's opening hours here


Also on the scrumptious yet guilt-free bandwagon are the legends at CocoBliss. The CocoBliss menu is mainly raw, vegan, gluten free and completely refined-sugar free, but you wouldn't guess it!

Franchisees Stephen, his wife Vera and their three daughters Grace, Mary and Kate, opened the CocoBliss Buranda store in December 2016 bringing friendly customer service and delicious Superfood Bowls, smoothies and fresh juices with them. 

The difference from other juice chain stores being that CocoBliss juices and smoothies are made with real, nutrient-dense ingredients rather than just fruit, so you can indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt.

No doubt the most popular item on their menu though, are the giant Superfood Bowls with most blended on a base of acai, fruit and coconut yoghurt topped with your choice of granola. For just $1 more, choose an add-in for an extra boost like hemp seeds, flaxseed, chia, maca, cacao nibs or pure peanut butter.

For a quick snack that will refuel your body after a workout at Snap Fitness upstairs, order a Premium or Platinum Smoothie. Choose your flavour, choose your milk base, and choose your protein and/or add-ins (optional) like fresh greens, activated coconut charcoal, L-Carnitine (fat burning) or L-Glutamine (post workout).

CocoBliss also serves up delicious hot and iced drinks so you can enjoy your daily flat white, or explore the world of super lattes with flavours like turmeric, spiced matcha, reishi chia and cacao beetroot. As we head into winter, the Immunity Tonic and a tummy warming tonic of hot water, cold pressed turmeric, ginger, lemon, cayenne pepper and organic maple is the perfect anti-flu beverage.

Make sure you also check out their range of sweet treats, bliss balls and even winter toast toppers in store today. See CocoBliss Buranda's trading hours here